Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A poem on My College

Heys guys...This poem is about my college...Although I hate it but whenever the good memories come to my mind my pen can sometimes create a poem like this...hehe...Anyways read the poem...I hope you will enjoy reading it...

College is like a Freedom,
which leaves behind the inevitable Boredom.
Its like a bird flying in the Air,
through which our young minds develop a Flair.

Introducing our Faculty,
who handles us with great Difficulty.
Assignments have their submission Deadline,
but we always succeed in the crossing that Line,
because we have always have an excuse, "We didn't have the Time".
In class tests, we always Guess,
and end up making a Mess.
Exam time makes us shiver with Fear,
but the professor says, "Paper is easy and you will Clear".
Discipline is the faculty's main Aim,
but their efforts towards it all go in Vain.

Books are powerhouse of Knowledge,
but as usual we never Acknowledge.
You can still find some Bookworms,
who multiply their knowledge like the Germs.
Our library is full of Books,
but only exam time enriches her Looks.
If the library is not enough to play the exam Game,
the 'photostat machine' in the bookshop rises to Fame.

When the food alarm goes off in our Area,
we run towards the Cafeteria.
Burgers, pizzas, patties are of a great Taste,
but without money they are a Waste.
If you don,t have the cash, dont Worry,
because tiffins come out in a Hurry.
Taste the delicious home made Food,
if you are in the Mood.

Finally enter our Friends,
who come from different Ends.
They complete our College,
of whom we have complete Knowledge.
We make friends Here,
who help us to bunk without Fear.
They give us Solutions,
like a teacher giving Tuitions.
When it comes to deciding the Hang out place for All,
it should be Ambience Mall.

College Life is something which you can't Miss,
you will always feel it is a bliss...


Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Bike and The Rainy Day...

Hey guys!!! This one is for all of you (including the people not interested in biking)...he he...First of all I would like to introduce my bike to you...BAJAJ PULSAR 150CC DTSi...Vrooooooommmmm!!!!!! It is nice bike with a smooth ride and an economical engine...So it can save you money which you can spend it on your girlfriend/boyfriends (Excuse me! Girls do ride bike) or get high on the spirits ...I love my bike the most...Its really cool...Whenever I need a break from my busy life, I just grab the keys and zoom on the roads...A BIG STRESS BUSTER...

Now the story is just about the fun we had that day on our bikes...Yippee...It begins like this, it was just a normal day as always to wake up and get ready to go to the college which is in Gurgaon (its always seems to me like I am going from LEH to KANYAKUMARI), for that I had to catch the Killer Bus of Delhi (BLUE LINE) to reach my bus stop and board the bus of my own college..The thing which pissed me off was the Blue Line Bus...Oh God!!! Those smelly people, sweating like hell and those irritating aunties always wanting BIG SPACE to stand when the bus is filled with million people...Once by mistake I had stepped on the foot of a lady...She yelled at me, "Battemeez, dekh kar nahi chal sakta, jagah nahi hai jo chipak chipak ke chal raha hai"..Then i said, "Sorry Aunty, ab jagah nahi ho toh aapke sir ke upper se jau"...After that she didn't dare to utter a word...

Anyways, I got up and I was feeling very lazy to go to college and the thoughts of that Blue Line Bus changed my mind. Ultimately I decided to go on my bike...And it was raining very heavily (Delhi and NCR had the heaviest monsoon rainfall in 2008)...It was almost raining everyday...When i was about to leave home, the rain got low so I started my ride to the college pretty well hoping to reach on time..he he...which I never did...When I reached the Dwarka underpass it started raining heavily and I had to stop there...And there I found Mr Rahul Kumar Menon aka Romeo (The Funniest Man of our college) with his bike...

Now meeting him means your ears will be deep fried with all his talks...ha ha...He is deadly funny man...But his stunts on his Hot Red Pulsar 180 are mind boggling..I mean dude how the hell does he does those dangerous tricks on his machine!!! Ne ways..He is a stunt biker and no one can disagree with this fact...So I had a surprisingly brief chat with him when we met...Since rain was not stopping at all and we very late for college and I had missed my two out of three classes for the day...And all of a sudden Rahul tells me since we are late for the college so lets have some fun on our Deadly Machines...he he he...We forgot about the rain and started to ride...Overtaking every damn car on our way...We stopped near Pushpanjli Farms just to enjoy the rainfall...It was heaven for me like dude my bike, rain and all the stuff...Rahul was laughing all the time as if he had inhaled laughing gas...ha ha...

Then after the halt we started again and headed towards NH 8 (Jaipur Highway) and we both were like almost racing in traffic and heavy rainfall (Too risky!!!)..When we reached NH 8 from the Link Road...Rahul and I decided to stop at CCD (Cafe' Coffee Day) near the petrol (on the opposite side when going towards Gurgaon)...We would have ended up washing the utensils if Rahul didnt have the extra bucks to pay the bill..ha ha..My pocket was already empty after paying for such an expensive coffee..We had coffee and some snacks...Wow! What an experience, Heavy Rainfall, Hot Cup of Coffee, Samosas and Sandwhichs....Too good!!! And luckily Rahul knew that Salesman at the shop...He even gave us some discount....Phewwwwww...ha ha...and we even used our depedent ID cards (Defence Background guys) to get 10% discount and some how managed to clear the bill...

After destroying our endless hunger..We started again from that shop to the college and the rain had stopped but it was still cloudy...After crossing that Toll Booth on the highway...Rahul as usual goes crazy after seeing a 4 lane highway and he just zoomed away at the speed of 120 kmph (As told by Rahul himself, I dont know was it true or not but I could make out this can be true after seeing it)...ZOOOOOOOOOOOM! I was left behind as usual riding at the speed of 80-90kmph...Neva Mind...But Rahul realised that I was left behind so he slowed down for me...Finally we reached our college "AIT" and our bikes were so dirty that we would have taken million days to wash and clean it...ha ha...

OHHHHHHHHHHH! I almost forgot that we had one more friend of ours on the trip to college...His name is Prabhud...He is a sweet decent guy and talks very less...but very jovial...Till the time we halted at CCD he was sitting behind with Rahul...and I can tell you people sitting with Rahul on his bike is like suicide..(Please, Ride only for Insured people)...but dude he rides like Valentino Rossi with all those sharp turns and the speedometer about to explode..ha ha..Good job Prabhud...From CCD to college Prabhud sat on my bike to give his mind some peace...

Guys I can tell you that we all enjoyed a lot that day...Bikes, Rain, Coffee and my friends...What else do you want to make your day a perfect one! Thanks to Rahul and Prabhud to make my day so bright...By the after the trip when I reached college I didnt even attend the remaining classes also...ha ha...Bunking is allowed...Who the hell doesnt bunk??????????

With Regards and lots of love,

Adhip Varma

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The day I bunked Accountancy Class in my 12 th grade...

Hey!!! People this is my first blog which I am typing for you all..I hope you guys enjoy it..

Once upon a time..wait a minute this not a fairy tale..So it was my last year in school (that means I was in my 12th Grade...) and almost half of the session was over and we were done with the syllabus in the class..Now my favorite subject was Accounts but you know that I got hell bored of my Teacher (Mrs. Kalra)..Once I had slept in her class for a period and got up to listen to her what she was teaching in the next period...Forget it...Coming back to the topic, so I got bored of her classes a lot and even my friends...Everything she use to teach use to go above our BIG BRAINS...

I think it was late in January and it was Siddharth's aka Sid birthday...It was a day which I can never forget my whole life...In the morning when I came in the class, Sid was greeted which hugs and handshakes and stuff...Everything was fine and calm...Now the time came to give Sid his birthday bashing...(U must be thinking of Birthday Bums...ha it was a bashing)...That day Sid was kicked and beaten by every boy of the class...*I kicked him thrice* ha ha...Then in the second round he was beaten up by the newspapers which we rolled and smashed him like a fly been battered...At last we all got tired and gave up...And I can tell you that Sid was not even in the position to sit..Somehow he managed to get his ass on the chair...

Now we had as usual two periods of Accountancy almost daily..So in the recess, we all went to the canteen for Sid's Treat..As usual "Hamari class mein bhuke logo ki kami bilkul nahi thi"..We ate everything we got and even snatched the pieces of the patties and the somasas from our friends...CRAZY MAN...Ha ha...But we all enjoyed it...Poor Sid his pocket was completely burnt by our demands...

Roopreet (The Baskie Freak!!), I dont know what happened to her, she shouted out loud in the canteen, "Lets bunk Kalra's class"...Everybody was so happy as if they had cleared IIT Entrance..ha ha..I too was happy to know that I am bunking two periods and its final year of school, why not have great fun...Ne ways so the decision was made that we all will bunk TWO PERIODS OF ACCOUNTS!! I mean i was still thinkin is it a dream or a miracle!!! ha ha...Thanks Roop for creating such a brilliant plan...U rock..

So the recess got over and accounts class started...Started!!! What the Hell with only two students in the class that was Amit (NCC Guy) and a girl, i don't remember her name, ne ways..Kalra ma'am must be rubbing her eyes to check whether she has gone blind or not!!! Ha ha...And 98% of the class was outside in the ground relaxing near the ramp of the building which was the coolest place of our school...We all were laughing, teasing and talking...

Now comes the exciting part, way beyond are expectations Kalra ma'am came out of the class on to the ramp to search for us...I was like "Oh! shit"...Then someone from the group..I don't know who but shouted, "Arre bhaago! Kalra aa gayi!" and after hearing those words we all didn't think of anything else and started running in ground and find places to hide...ha ha..We all ran in such a direction that it was like Nuclear Fission Process going on..But thanks to our "Chottu"...Arre apna Princi..who provided us with such a big auditorium behind which we hid ourselves..Oh god!!! Ankur and Sushant...I mean dude...What da fish were you doing when ma'am came on the ramp...They both didn't idea man..were they scared or they wanted to scratch there copies with those pens and stuff...No clue...but they went back to the class...Ne ways...

Kalra ma'am went back to the class with these two freaks...ha ha...We were laughing for what they had done..BAD LUCK guys...Never mind...After that she sent AMIT RANJAN (The NCC Dude!) to take us back to the class...We knew he is gonna come...We tried to bribe him by saying him to stay and enjoy but he is not at all corrupt..True personality..Never tries to violate his principles...So he went back to the class..In the mean time we all took a lot of photographs and shouted a lot thus making a lot of noise...

One period finished and now the second period starts...And we see AMIT coming back again to take us to the class...Sometimes I wonder from where does he get all the patience to listen to Kalra ma'am and go around the school to catch us bunking...Neways...We again bribed him again but the answer was negative...But by the time we all felt that the fun is over and we all should return to the class...(15 mins were left for the class to get over)...ha ha...But we enjoyed a lot...So we went back to the class..

We all entered class in a proper line as if we were the primary school kids...And there was Kalra ma'am standing near her table with her head steaming with anger...We all stood (our heads down as if we were feeling shameful after enjoying so much) in line facing class with only four people sitting on the bench...ha ha...Ma'am started scolding us but we all were giggling as if she was cracking jokes...Never mind..When she saw me giggling, she yelled at me, "Adhip tumhe bhi APS ki hawa lag gayi hai"...ha ha...Mujhe toh hawa kabki lag chuki thi....Then she pointed out to those sitting on the bench...and said that they the studious children of the class...but all the toppers were standing...ha ha..We again started laughing..In the end Ma'am got fed up and told us to sit down...

Wait a minute..I think someone had broken the rules of the "J-COMPANY" and that was Ankur and Sushant...And they were to be punished by the Company..So we guys planned out to give them a good bashing at the end of the last period..But we spared Ankur because he had the tag of "THE MOST CUTE AND DECENT GUY OF THE CLASS"...So the target was only Sushant (The Flirt Guy)...ha ha...And that guy had no idea what was gonna come to him after the last class of the day...The last period got over and Sushant's face was covered with a blazer and bang bang bang bang!!! ha ha...Target Destroyed!!!

Finally the day was over...and it gave me and my friends memories which I and all my friends will cherish all our lives...Sid thanks man...We enjoyed your treat...Miss my school a lot..

Adhip Varma