Sunday, October 21, 2012

Burj Khalifa, Dubai: First Impression

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The Americans made it, the Japanese made it and even the South East Asian countries were not behind in the race of constructing tallest concrete structures in the country. Such is the craze of the nations i.e to create a sign of pride which would represent their country and make them feel proud.  

The Petronas Tower, The World Trade Center (Till 9/11), Burj Al Arab, CN Towers, Taipei, Willis Tower, the Empire Estate Building and International Finance Center. These are one of the tallest buildings on earth planned and constructed by great architects. The nations took pride in whatever they had created on their land and reassured themselves that no one can compete with them as far as skyscrapers are concerned.

Guess what went missing?? Ahaan!!! The Middle East (United Arab Emirates). This country is capable of doing miracles in architecture like the Burj Al Arab Hotel (Seven Star Hotel) and Palms Jumeirah (a residential colony being created on sea in the shape of a palm tree). Something mammoth was expected from this part of the world and UAE was prepared for it. They created a something which was unbelievable  extraordinary and breath taking. It was the tallest building on earth and in the history of the mankind namely the Burj Khalifa.

Now you guys must be wondering what I was up to in Dubai???? It was December 2010. I was here in Dubai for about good 4 months time to pursue my MBA from IMT, DIAC. My class fellows decided to visit the Dubai Mall, a day before the commencement of the classes. We were all excited to visit the mall and check out the top class brands of the world under a single roof which is indeed an eye popping and a lucrative sight. We booked a taxi to Al Rashidiya Metro Station and boarded the metro to Dubai Mall. I never knew Burj Khalifa was nearby the mall. When we got down on our destination and came out of the station. We all had to literally tilt our necks parallel to the pavement on which we were standing to see this massive structure sparkling in the sunset light.

Instead of taking the bus to the mall, I insisted my buddies to walk down the way to the complex as I wanted to keep looking at the building which is 826 metres tall i.e. almost a km above the earth and my friends agreed to it with disappointing looks as if they were told to climb Mt Everest. I have no clue about the exact number of floors this building has but I am aware of the fact that visitors are allowed till the 124th floor of the building. As usual we performed the traditional ritual of a tourist i.e. start clicking photos with the camera. Started clicking photographs of my friends along with Burj Khalifa in the frame else they will kill me for even cropping a single inch of the building.

I was a bit annoyed because the pictures were not good at all. Anyways, the building was just beautiful to watch. As I got closer to it, my heart started pumping faster. Burj Khalifa literally kisses the sky and firmly stands on Earth. Human Brain can do miracles. They are so powerful that can create anything for the betterment of mankind. I really feel lucky to be there and witness all this along with my friends. Its like a treasure between the sea and the Arabian Desert.  

I would term this as one of the best lifetime experiences I ever had and would be planning  to visit this place again probably the next year (2013). You guys must visit this place at least once. Hats off to all the people who have put in their hard work and dedication to create this building. Nothing is impossible and even the word impossible says I M Possible. ;)

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