Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Love for the Falcon

        Hey!! My dear and lovely readers, this blog advocates the fact that how much I love the Falcon (Suzuki Hayabusa). I know the girls would hate me for writing this because they think its trash talk. Anyways, it all starts from the place known for its night life and this city is also known as the Oxford of the East. You guessed it right, it’s “Pune”. Let me give a brief description of the city. It is located on the Leeward side of the Western Ghats and comes in the state of Maharashtra. It’s almost a technology park and many IT firms have invested their money in this place. This place attracts mostly the youth. Ok!!! Enough of the description lets come back to the main track that is our topic of concern.
        So, exactly six years back in the year 2004, witnessed the release of the Highest Grossing film of that year namely Dhoom, mainly starring Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham. This film just ignited the biking fever across the nation and the people starting acknowledging the presence of superbikes in India. Then how the hell I wouldn’t have been affected. When I saw John on the Hayabusa, zooming on the expressway with the bike chased by the police who would finally give up chasing because the power of their 3 or 4 vehicles is equivalent to that one 1300cc Superbike. I promised to myself that I will surely watch this movie at Inox which was the most happening multiplex in the town though expensive. But I was ready to burn my pocket for the movie. So, I, my cousin and his friend went to see the movie. Oh man!!! The Hayabusa was killer, even John looks (long hair), the stoppy in the last race. Uday Chopra and Kid Bachchan were looking like beggars on the Yellow Bandit. Wonder when will they learn??
         Anyways, the Hayabusa was the show stopper and it did steal many hearts of the superbike lovers including me. That time I was in 10th grade and my knowledge about these bikes was less as compared to the present day. Now comes the big thing of the day at the movie when we came out of the theatre. Guess what I saw?????? I couldn’t believe my eyes, literally rubbed them but still that thing was there standing with a hidden beast which can be unleashed. Ok Ok!!! No more suspense, for the promotion of the movie the Hayabusa used in the shoot was being placed at the entrance of the multiplex shinning due to the lights touching its body. It was lovely because it was the first time I saw a Superbike in my life that too the bike I just saw on the screen after shelling money. As usual if there is good thing happening, the bad one is not far off. The bad thing came to me and whispered to in my ear, “Hey dude! You don’t have a camera”. Well I felt bad about this fact but watching this bike made my day. Even on my way back home I kept thinking about this superbike and I never thought of a girl so much in a day.
When I came here to Delhi, I wanted to see this bike again so badly but I couldn’t. Finally, in the final year of my college I joined XBHP (Indian Motorcycling Community) and then I saw the 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa after six years of drought. I sat on the bike, though its really small in height but you can’t imagine the torque it delivers. Guys! I have also created a page for this superbike on Facebook also.
Now I would like share some information about this motorcycle. Suzuki introduced its first model in 1999 and this continued till 2007. Then Suzuki did some changes in the bike like the exhausts, fairing, increasing the capacity of the engine up to 1340 cc and launched the 2008 model. Since 2008, they have been altering the features of the bike every year. Hayabusa claimes to be the fastest production motorcycle ever built in the world and its real fast. I can notch a top speed of 312 km/hr which is superfast. After various road tests and reviews, this bike is good for touring and even the track. I won’t go much in the technical stuff because I don’t want to make a review page. We all just eagerly waiting for 2011 Hayabusa launch. Thanks!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bhopal Agonised

This poem is dedicated to all the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy who lost their lives and who still are suffering from the disaster.

 The city of the beautiful lakes,
peace for those souls still awaits.
The city with an excellent architecture,
has blamed the government's very nature.

A dreadful night of the lethal air,
if you imagine its a more than a nightmare.
Being empathetic wont even heal the pain,
the big names are just so lame.

A child was dreaming deep into the darkness,
the unknown struck him with bitter sweetness.
Wiping their tears wont get them anything,
justice for them is everything.

Pictures don't tell the whole story,
ask the victims burning in fury.
The impact of this mishap is huge,
the efforts of the state are just to dupe.

People lost their sight to see colors again,
and the politicians are still in the bargain.
The biggest industrial disaster,
the rage is soaring faster.

How can someone be so negligent,
the big guns will have to face resentment.
Feel the hearts of the souls who lost their beloved,
their confidence has been betrayed.

We can't even imagine the intensity of the pain,
their hopes are just lost in some dark lane.
Its time to raise our voice against guilty,
who escaped all this very swiftly.

Guys I know this poem will not heal the wounds of the people being affected by the disaster but I thought of contributing to the cause in some way would encourage other people to come up with their contributions.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Bluffed Cabbie Days

This blog is dedicated to the people who became my good friends whom I didn't even know previously and didn't even know that they would become my friends.

The story starts from the point of time when I had finished my first year of college and my batch was supposed to attend the Summer Term classes (May to June 2008) in which value-added courses were to be taught by the faculty. Consequently, at the end of the course we will be awarded the certificate. Now, this sounds hell boring and exhaustive for me because I am very lazy just like a dormant volcano which erupts in a very extreme situation..ha..ha..

All of us had our classes in college during the Summer Break namely the Summer term. So we decided to arrange a nice big Air-conditioned cab by pooling in funds because Delhi Summers can kill you and you sweat more than you drink water.

Jyoti - She is as white as Snow. Nice person to talk to and approach. In the cab her seat was reserved that was the co-driver seat. It was her favorite seat may be because she was more close to the AC..ha..ha..and thanks Jyoti for arranging the cab for us and Sorry for calling you a Chipkali (Lizard).

Aastha - She didn't talk much in the cab but she did ask me repeatedly ask the name of my crush. I still don't have any idea what does she apply on her face which is so clean and clear.

Praveen - Bubbly Girl. A good problem solver. Talks when its necessary and laughs too a lot. In the cab she use to sit on the left side in the middle seats.

Rashi - We did die to see her awake. Every time in the cab we all use to see her sleeping. Whether its morning or evening she doesn't care she's gonna sleep.

Anirban - Kaanji (Always High, I don't why). This guy's Fundas are cool. In the cab while we played cards (bluff) instead of looking at his own cards, he use to see my cards. I still remember his argument with Rahul aka Romeo and seriously it was maddening. He also suggested me the ways to propose a girl but I didn't follow anyone of them.

Krithick - Just like Rajnikaant, 1st April never comes in his calendar. Fooling him in the game of Bluff was the most difficult thing to do. When he starts a winning streak in this game we all have to give up..ha..ha..We all did try to test his Hindi because we thought he is bad at the language but he is good.

Nitin - The Philosopher and good dancer (in front of the D Block lift he use to do that Hrithik Roshan's Krazzy 4 dance step). Even his fundas were cool. He is average at playing Bluff and we did try to fool him while looking at his cards..ha..ha..Even he also advised me how to approach a girl which I never followed.

Amandeep- Low on attendance in the cab. Can say much about her but is a good friend. She was seriously interested in seeing my crush still don't know why.

Me- Confused as always (Lover Boy). Talking about myself, in the cab I bluffed Kanji and Nitin a lot. I did see the cards of Kaanji and Nitin sometimes..ha..ha..Even these dudes fooled me a lot and laughed at me but I did catch them sometimes.

It was two months of complete fun and leg pulling. I did enjoy every moment of it and Krithick lets play one more game of Bluff this time you cant get me buddy and I hope your Hindi is improving. Nitin and Kaanji, don't you guys ever look at my cards again if we ever play Bluff again. I did have lovely seniors. Thank you guys.

With Lots of Love
Adhip Varma

Friday, April 9, 2010

She is just so Perfect

She is just so perfect,
a God's creation without any defect.
Her eyes shows her confidence,
and she defines independence.
Its amazing how she controls her emotions,
but she breaks into tears of exhaustion.

She is just so perfect,
a God's creation without any defect.
Her attitude towards life is so cool,
in front her others are a fool.
Her mind is so practical,
to deal with her you have to be very tactical.

She is just so perfect,
a God's creation without any defect.
Her humor has got an excellent timing,
and with her time is always flying.
Her mind is so dynamic,
and to win she knows every tactic.

She is just so perfect,
a God's creation without any defect.
Adventure is what she likes,
and every day she wants to achieve new heights.
Politics is something she loathes,
wonder why does she wanna go in it and get votes.

She is just so perfect,
a God's creation without any defect.
Her artwork is magical,
and it is very logical.
In the end she is simple,
and has a sweet heart to mingle.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monster Bikes For Real (XBHP)

Hey! This blog is dedicated to all my lovely friends (Bikers and Non-Bikers) who are passionate about riding and curious to know about the monstrous bikes in India. It is dedicated even for the ladies who love to be a pillion on the bikes of their boyfriends and can push them to buy of these hulks..ha ha..So, lets turn on the ignition and press the button to start the ride.

XBHP Dhaba, New Delhi, 28th March 2010 (Time: 0630 hours)
Well, I was the first one to reach the place early in the morning before ETA and parked my bike opposite the Dhaba. It was pin drop silence at that time and I could hear the birds sweet chirping. But I was there to hear the sound of the surprise Superbike(s) which would be soon in front of my eyes..he he...

After waiting for at least 15 minutes, then came the surprise, the one and only HONDA CB1000R ridden by our very own XBHP creator Sundeep Sir. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the bike. The machine made an immediate impact on my mind and I was very impressed by the design. The color also did attract my attention because it was different. Finally, bike was parked parallel to a wall away from the main parking lot opposite the Dhaba. I met Sundeep Sir for the first time and it was a great experience to meet him because he comes once in a blue moon..ha ha..straight away he advised me to buy nice gear for myself which I would purchase pretty soon. Then he opened his bag which was full of cameras and lens. He does inspire me to do photography. Then I went into some parallel world of my own imagining myself riding that bike on full throttle but returned to the normal world because building castles in the air can't really help you own one.

Anyways, now I will tell you the impression of the bike on me. It was an excellent impression. The bike looks hunky, powerful and attractive. The naked bike (naked is without the fairing), has got a 1000cc engine, single side swing arm (pure engineering!!!), good for Indian Roads, projector headlamps and strong alloy wheels. Talking about the rider's comfort, the seat is really comfortable and we can expect less complaints of back pain during long rides. The best part is that its not that heavy as I was expecting it to be when I saw the bike for the first few seconds. So, most of the members were interviewed to give a feedback of the bike. It was a good session. The surprise was over and came out the biker's favorite weapon called the Camera. I took a lot of pictures of the bike from every angle simultaneously appreciating the beautiful creation.

Dear Reader, the party isn't over yet. There is more to it. Please welcome, Yamaha R1 to the celebrations ridden by Ken Sir. I could hear the sound of the bike very clearly, even when it was out of sight I could promptly say its the Yamaha Beast. Black in color, excellent design and gives you the required performance. This time I was trying to be in the real world..ha ha..Again cameras started capturing the looks of the bike which were mind blowing, in the mean time I kept checking the battery status of my camera because I don't wanna end up having least pictures of the event and it was full unlike my bike's fuel tank. Sometimes I wonder when luck favors you then you can even reach the planet Mars in a day...ha ha ha..

Now another Japanese beauty enters the party namely Suzuki Intruder just like a Harley (American Production) ridden by Anurag Ashok Sir. Its a complete muscle bike, 1800cc engine, size of the tires is equal to 15 tires of Bajaj XCD or may be more..ha ha..Lots of rubber in the machine. Looking at the bike, I wondered what would it cost to maintain this. Ok! Enough of wondering stuff. But the bike is seriously a monster to handle. The V-Twin Engine was shining like a brand new piece just out of the showroom. I mean guys, every single part of the bike was sparkling and you could go blind watching it. Anyways, all of a sudden the Intruder was surrounded by members admiring the engineering and all of us forgot about the bike of the moment (Honda CB1000R).

Lastly, entered the Kawasaki Ninja 12R with a heart throbbing sound of the exhaust ridden by Arjun Sir and he really does give a full throttle force to the bike. Black color, 1200cc engine and single exhaust pipe. Good for racing on nice roads. The bike was old so didn't attract much attention. Another reason was that I had seen the bike earlier also. Again I took photos of the bike, seriously can't resist clicking..ha ha..

After having a thorough look at the three superbikes and taking a lot of pictures of them I headed straight to the Dhaba for my lovely Paneer Paranthas and two bottles of chilled 7UP. I miss them the whole week till Sunday arrives. Thanks to all the members of the XBHP team to make this meeting successful and I enjoyed a lot. Sundeep Sir hope to see you again and with more surprises for us. Thank you so much. What a day: Japanese beauties along with Indian food lovely!!! Too good!!!! XBHP ROCKS \m/

Adhip Varma

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Joining XBHP was seriously a struggle for me..he he he...who the hell gets up early around 6 on foggy and cold Sunday morning to attend a meeting at 7.30 am?? But somehow I managed to win the early morning fight between me and my body...It took me at least more than an hour to get ready and meet Rahul a.k.a Romeo near the IIT Flyover..Not surprisingly I was fifteen minutes late..I checked my cellphone had a million missed calls from Rahul..Anyways we both reached the place where we were supposed to reach for the meeting i.e. the XBHP Dhaba..sounds cool..

When we reached there by 7.45 am..Guess what??? Being late, me and Rahul were the first ones to reach the place..It was freezing cold and little foggy..We parked our bikes opposite to the dhaba across the road..It was so humiliating to get up so early, reach a place and find no one is there..but Rahul assured me that not worry, the members will come for the meeting..When I sat down on the chair, the weather was really chilly, peacefully and I could hear the chirping of the birds very clearly..But as usual Rahul is up to something cant sit patiently and he stepped on fresh Dog Shit ewwww..ha ha..It was disgusting and very funny at the same time because he was trying to get his right shoe rid off that shit by banging his foot on the wall nearby..sometimes the ground and then the heap of dry leaves..ha ha..Finally he got rid off it..

Finally people started arriving..they all were very late..he he..and some of them didn't even come on their bikes..but XBHP is not about that..You just need to have that passion for biking..Thats it! Anyways, its always nice to meet new people in your life which I did and all of them had a lot to share in the discussion being carried out..Smiles were all around..When I looked at the group, I thought looking at their happy faces, they leave all the tensions of their life at home and at their workplaces to experience lighter things in life as if they don't have any problem in their life..I enjoyed a lot..I had nothing to share and listening was the best I could do..Being a good listener is the best you can do in such a situation..You will also find a similarity in every biker that he loves to click photographs and he will always have a camera with him..Unfortunately, I forgot to get my camera..Somehow managed to click with my cellphone cam..

Now the delicious part of the event were the paranthas of the Dhaba..yummy..I ate four of them..and had a nice cup of tea...Kickass start to the day seriously..The Dhaba dude was really shocked to see me and Rahul eating as if famine has occurred in Delhi except this Dhaba..ha ha ha..anyways we both finished our food..Then came the Show Stopper namely Ninja 250..Green in color..Even the natural greenery faded away when I saw that bike..The guy (Sorry! forgot his name), showed me his bike which was awesome in design and even great at the throttle..vrooommm!! Thankfully, Rahul did get his camera and I clicked some nice pictures of that Green Beauty..

After doing all the Masti at the meet, I and Rahul decided to leave..He went to each and every guy to say goodbye and I didn't do that..When we were about to leave, Rahul asked me, "Why didn't you say goodbye to everyone??" and I replied, "Goodbye is said when people will never meet again. I will meet them again.."...He said, "Dude, Philosophy!"..Then we vroomed back to our homes..

With Love,
Adhip Varma