Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bhopal Agonised

This poem is dedicated to all the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy who lost their lives and who still are suffering from the disaster.

 The city of the beautiful lakes,
peace for those souls still awaits.
The city with an excellent architecture,
has blamed the government's very nature.

A dreadful night of the lethal air,
if you imagine its a more than a nightmare.
Being empathetic wont even heal the pain,
the big names are just so lame.

A child was dreaming deep into the darkness,
the unknown struck him with bitter sweetness.
Wiping their tears wont get them anything,
justice for them is everything.

Pictures don't tell the whole story,
ask the victims burning in fury.
The impact of this mishap is huge,
the efforts of the state are just to dupe.

People lost their sight to see colors again,
and the politicians are still in the bargain.
The biggest industrial disaster,
the rage is soaring faster.

How can someone be so negligent,
the big guns will have to face resentment.
Feel the hearts of the souls who lost their beloved,
their confidence has been betrayed.

We can't even imagine the intensity of the pain,
their hopes are just lost in some dark lane.
Its time to raise our voice against guilty,
who escaped all this very swiftly.

Guys I know this poem will not heal the wounds of the people being affected by the disaster but I thought of contributing to the cause in some way would encourage other people to come up with their contributions.



  1. Have you written this poem yourself??
    Its awesome work adp!!! Very touching!

  2. Thanks yashi..will continue the good work :)