Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Bluffed Cabbie Days

This blog is dedicated to the people who became my good friends whom I didn't even know previously and didn't even know that they would become my friends.

The story starts from the point of time when I had finished my first year of college and my batch was supposed to attend the Summer Term classes (May to June 2008) in which value-added courses were to be taught by the faculty. Consequently, at the end of the course we will be awarded the certificate. Now, this sounds hell boring and exhaustive for me because I am very lazy just like a dormant volcano which erupts in a very extreme situation..ha..ha..

All of us had our classes in college during the Summer Break namely the Summer term. So we decided to arrange a nice big Air-conditioned cab by pooling in funds because Delhi Summers can kill you and you sweat more than you drink water.

Jyoti - She is as white as Snow. Nice person to talk to and approach. In the cab her seat was reserved that was the co-driver seat. It was her favorite seat may be because she was more close to the AC..ha..ha..and thanks Jyoti for arranging the cab for us and Sorry for calling you a Chipkali (Lizard).

Aastha - She didn't talk much in the cab but she did ask me repeatedly ask the name of my crush. I still don't have any idea what does she apply on her face which is so clean and clear.

Praveen - Bubbly Girl. A good problem solver. Talks when its necessary and laughs too a lot. In the cab she use to sit on the left side in the middle seats.

Rashi - We did die to see her awake. Every time in the cab we all use to see her sleeping. Whether its morning or evening she doesn't care she's gonna sleep.

Anirban - Kaanji (Always High, I don't why). This guy's Fundas are cool. In the cab while we played cards (bluff) instead of looking at his own cards, he use to see my cards. I still remember his argument with Rahul aka Romeo and seriously it was maddening. He also suggested me the ways to propose a girl but I didn't follow anyone of them.

Krithick - Just like Rajnikaant, 1st April never comes in his calendar. Fooling him in the game of Bluff was the most difficult thing to do. When he starts a winning streak in this game we all have to give up..ha..ha..We all did try to test his Hindi because we thought he is bad at the language but he is good.

Nitin - The Philosopher and good dancer (in front of the D Block lift he use to do that Hrithik Roshan's Krazzy 4 dance step). Even his fundas were cool. He is average at playing Bluff and we did try to fool him while looking at his cards..ha..ha..Even he also advised me how to approach a girl which I never followed.

Amandeep- Low on attendance in the cab. Can say much about her but is a good friend. She was seriously interested in seeing my crush still don't know why.

Me- Confused as always (Lover Boy). Talking about myself, in the cab I bluffed Kanji and Nitin a lot. I did see the cards of Kaanji and Nitin sometimes..ha..ha..Even these dudes fooled me a lot and laughed at me but I did catch them sometimes.

It was two months of complete fun and leg pulling. I did enjoy every moment of it and Krithick lets play one more game of Bluff this time you cant get me buddy and I hope your Hindi is improving. Nitin and Kaanji, don't you guys ever look at my cards again if we ever play Bluff again. I did have lovely seniors. Thank you guys.

With Lots of Love
Adhip Varma


  1. someone is missing his friends,thats what i can sense

  2. hehe ya man i am missing them :D

  3. nice one buddy..........we can see other side of Adhip Verma here :)