Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Love for the Falcon

        Hey!! My dear and lovely readers, this blog advocates the fact that how much I love the Falcon (Suzuki Hayabusa). I know the girls would hate me for writing this because they think its trash talk. Anyways, it all starts from the place known for its night life and this city is also known as the Oxford of the East. You guessed it right, it’s “Pune”. Let me give a brief description of the city. It is located on the Leeward side of the Western Ghats and comes in the state of Maharashtra. It’s almost a technology park and many IT firms have invested their money in this place. This place attracts mostly the youth. Ok!!! Enough of the description lets come back to the main track that is our topic of concern.
        So, exactly six years back in the year 2004, witnessed the release of the Highest Grossing film of that year namely Dhoom, mainly starring Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham. This film just ignited the biking fever across the nation and the people starting acknowledging the presence of superbikes in India. Then how the hell I wouldn’t have been affected. When I saw John on the Hayabusa, zooming on the expressway with the bike chased by the police who would finally give up chasing because the power of their 3 or 4 vehicles is equivalent to that one 1300cc Superbike. I promised to myself that I will surely watch this movie at Inox which was the most happening multiplex in the town though expensive. But I was ready to burn my pocket for the movie. So, I, my cousin and his friend went to see the movie. Oh man!!! The Hayabusa was killer, even John looks (long hair), the stoppy in the last race. Uday Chopra and Kid Bachchan were looking like beggars on the Yellow Bandit. Wonder when will they learn??
         Anyways, the Hayabusa was the show stopper and it did steal many hearts of the superbike lovers including me. That time I was in 10th grade and my knowledge about these bikes was less as compared to the present day. Now comes the big thing of the day at the movie when we came out of the theatre. Guess what I saw?????? I couldn’t believe my eyes, literally rubbed them but still that thing was there standing with a hidden beast which can be unleashed. Ok Ok!!! No more suspense, for the promotion of the movie the Hayabusa used in the shoot was being placed at the entrance of the multiplex shinning due to the lights touching its body. It was lovely because it was the first time I saw a Superbike in my life that too the bike I just saw on the screen after shelling money. As usual if there is good thing happening, the bad one is not far off. The bad thing came to me and whispered to in my ear, “Hey dude! You don’t have a camera”. Well I felt bad about this fact but watching this bike made my day. Even on my way back home I kept thinking about this superbike and I never thought of a girl so much in a day.
When I came here to Delhi, I wanted to see this bike again so badly but I couldn’t. Finally, in the final year of my college I joined XBHP (Indian Motorcycling Community) and then I saw the 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa after six years of drought. I sat on the bike, though its really small in height but you can’t imagine the torque it delivers. Guys! I have also created a page for this superbike on Facebook also.
Now I would like share some information about this motorcycle. Suzuki introduced its first model in 1999 and this continued till 2007. Then Suzuki did some changes in the bike like the exhausts, fairing, increasing the capacity of the engine up to 1340 cc and launched the 2008 model. Since 2008, they have been altering the features of the bike every year. Hayabusa claimes to be the fastest production motorcycle ever built in the world and its real fast. I can notch a top speed of 312 km/hr which is superfast. After various road tests and reviews, this bike is good for touring and even the track. I won’t go much in the technical stuff because I don’t want to make a review page. We all just eagerly waiting for 2011 Hayabusa launch. Thanks!

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