Sunday, January 24, 2010


Joining XBHP was seriously a struggle for me..he he he...who the hell gets up early around 6 on foggy and cold Sunday morning to attend a meeting at 7.30 am?? But somehow I managed to win the early morning fight between me and my body...It took me at least more than an hour to get ready and meet Rahul a.k.a Romeo near the IIT Flyover..Not surprisingly I was fifteen minutes late..I checked my cellphone had a million missed calls from Rahul..Anyways we both reached the place where we were supposed to reach for the meeting i.e. the XBHP Dhaba..sounds cool..

When we reached there by 7.45 am..Guess what??? Being late, me and Rahul were the first ones to reach the place..It was freezing cold and little foggy..We parked our bikes opposite to the dhaba across the road..It was so humiliating to get up so early, reach a place and find no one is there..but Rahul assured me that not worry, the members will come for the meeting..When I sat down on the chair, the weather was really chilly, peacefully and I could hear the chirping of the birds very clearly..But as usual Rahul is up to something cant sit patiently and he stepped on fresh Dog Shit ewwww..ha ha..It was disgusting and very funny at the same time because he was trying to get his right shoe rid off that shit by banging his foot on the wall nearby..sometimes the ground and then the heap of dry leaves..ha ha..Finally he got rid off it..

Finally people started arriving..they all were very late..he he..and some of them didn't even come on their bikes..but XBHP is not about that..You just need to have that passion for biking..Thats it! Anyways, its always nice to meet new people in your life which I did and all of them had a lot to share in the discussion being carried out..Smiles were all around..When I looked at the group, I thought looking at their happy faces, they leave all the tensions of their life at home and at their workplaces to experience lighter things in life as if they don't have any problem in their life..I enjoyed a lot..I had nothing to share and listening was the best I could do..Being a good listener is the best you can do in such a situation..You will also find a similarity in every biker that he loves to click photographs and he will always have a camera with him..Unfortunately, I forgot to get my camera..Somehow managed to click with my cellphone cam..

Now the delicious part of the event were the paranthas of the Dhaba..yummy..I ate four of them..and had a nice cup of tea...Kickass start to the day seriously..The Dhaba dude was really shocked to see me and Rahul eating as if famine has occurred in Delhi except this Dhaba..ha ha ha..anyways we both finished our food..Then came the Show Stopper namely Ninja 250..Green in color..Even the natural greenery faded away when I saw that bike..The guy (Sorry! forgot his name), showed me his bike which was awesome in design and even great at the throttle..vrooommm!! Thankfully, Rahul did get his camera and I clicked some nice pictures of that Green Beauty..

After doing all the Masti at the meet, I and Rahul decided to leave..He went to each and every guy to say goodbye and I didn't do that..When we were about to leave, Rahul asked me, "Why didn't you say goodbye to everyone??" and I replied, "Goodbye is said when people will never meet again. I will meet them again.."...He said, "Dude, Philosophy!"..Then we vroomed back to our homes..

With Love,
Adhip Varma


  1. oh buddy you rock again,gr8 blog again.Hope to see u writin lke dis in future!lovey!hats off to u