Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A poem on My College

Heys guys...This poem is about my college...Although I hate it but whenever the good memories come to my mind my pen can sometimes create a poem like this...hehe...Anyways read the poem...I hope you will enjoy reading it...

College is like a Freedom,
which leaves behind the inevitable Boredom.
Its like a bird flying in the Air,
through which our young minds develop a Flair.

Introducing our Faculty,
who handles us with great Difficulty.
Assignments have their submission Deadline,
but we always succeed in the crossing that Line,
because we have always have an excuse, "We didn't have the Time".
In class tests, we always Guess,
and end up making a Mess.
Exam time makes us shiver with Fear,
but the professor says, "Paper is easy and you will Clear".
Discipline is the faculty's main Aim,
but their efforts towards it all go in Vain.

Books are powerhouse of Knowledge,
but as usual we never Acknowledge.
You can still find some Bookworms,
who multiply their knowledge like the Germs.
Our library is full of Books,
but only exam time enriches her Looks.
If the library is not enough to play the exam Game,
the 'photostat machine' in the bookshop rises to Fame.

When the food alarm goes off in our Area,
we run towards the Cafeteria.
Burgers, pizzas, patties are of a great Taste,
but without money they are a Waste.
If you don,t have the cash, dont Worry,
because tiffins come out in a Hurry.
Taste the delicious home made Food,
if you are in the Mood.

Finally enter our Friends,
who come from different Ends.
They complete our College,
of whom we have complete Knowledge.
We make friends Here,
who help us to bunk without Fear.
They give us Solutions,
like a teacher giving Tuitions.
When it comes to deciding the Hang out place for All,
it should be Ambience Mall.

College Life is something which you can't Miss,
you will always feel it is a bliss...


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