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My Pulsar 200 NS: 1st Anniversary Special Blog!

Dear Readers, 

It being a very long time that I have not updated my blog and a lot of travelogues are pending from my end. Probably, I will finish up the pending assignments by the next month. This blog is about my one year ownership experience with my Pulsar 200 NS. I owned a Pulsar 150 (Sep 2007 Model) before this, so been riding since a long time. 

Before starting, to inspire and motivate you, I am putting down some quotes from the film 'Why We Ride' (A must watch!)

"Riding a motorcycle: Once you try it, you like it and you will never leave it"

"It is passion"

"It becomes part of your life, it's in your blood"

"It's you and your motorcycle"

"It is just like trying to playing a violin, it hideous and all of sudden it is like Oh My God, I know how to ride this" 

So my journey with Pulsar 200 NS (Blue Black) started on 14th March 2014 in Bangalore, Karnataka (Silicon Valley of India) after a long wait of 2 years. She looked so beautiful and shining as if she was smiling at me! I told myself, "Finally, she is mine". To start with I will start with the design and followed by rest of the features:


The most beautiful looking Indian motorcycle I have ridden till date. The neatly chiselled tank and the sporty headlamps has given the bike a very cool look from the front which the Indian youth would crave for in naked bikes. Overall the bike looks really muscular and has a really good appeal! The digital console is really simple with a very smart feature i.e. the clock which is sometimes helpful whenever you are going for long rides or you were supposed to pick your girlfriend and you are late. ;-)


The bike has got a 200 cc liquid cooled engine which churns out 23.5 bhp. Since I have switched from a Pulsar 150cc, I feel the bike is really powerful and while you are riding in traffic or even in the mountains also, changing of gears is at the minimum. The changing of the gears is really crisp. The throttle response has improved a lot compared to the previous generations of Pulsar. I am really satisfied with the performance. Well! Talking about speed, it is better to keep control of your right wrist else this bike's speed can take your breath away. I would advice all the NS owners to change the engine oil after the first service itself to Motul 7100 (20W50) as the Bajaj Oil is not good at all!

                                                 Handling & Tires

The Pulsar 200 NS comes with clip-ons and no handle bars which makes the position of the rider more upright and that is what I liked in the motorcycle since it was exactly fitting into my requirement. The bike is absolutely stable on the corners and this bike gives you the confidence to lean more. The Eurogrip tires are widely being criticized on the this bike but my opinion is exactly the opposite. I think these tires are the stickiest once they get warmed while you are riding. These tires instil confidence in me whenever I attack a corner. Suspension is on factory settings which is comfortable and matching my requirement. 

Bike Rides

My Pulsar has seen the beaches, mountains & snow mountains, the only thing left is the desert which is on the cards. Since I had purchased the bike in Bangalore so had a chance to travel in the ghats & beaches. Some of the rides which I have done are Munnar, Mangalore, Malpe, Goa etc. Once I shifted to Delhi, I have ridden twice in Uttarakhand and once in Himachal.  

The relationship with my motorcycle has been good ever since I have purchased it. I have done 23292 kms. I am sure there are people who will always have some critique about this beautiful machine which is also important but at the end of the day what matters is your happiness & satisfaction.

Adhip Varma

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